We’re excited to announce the release of QLM v14

QLM License Wizard The wizard can now allow the end-user to select whether to activate a node locked license or a floating license. For more details, review the new sample application. The wizard can now automatically download a digitally signed license file when a license is activated online. The wizard can now automatically download a [...]

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We’re excited to announce the release of QLM v12

What's new in QLM v12 QLM License Wizard The QLM License Wizard can be localized into multiple languages. Improved workflow when registering a floating license database The Protect Your Application wizard now automatically picks up customizations made to previous versions of a product and applies them to newer versions. The Try button can now [...]

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We’re excited to announce the release of QLM v11

What's new in QLM v11 QLM v11 supports GDPR and provide you with the tools to implement GDPR for your own customers. Users can now activate a license by providing their email or mobile phone number. For dark sites (no internet connection), the QLM License Server gateway acts as a proxy between workstations that [...]

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We’re excited to announce the release of QLM v10

We're happy to announce the release of our first Zapier App. You can use the QLM Zapier App to notify other Zapier Apps... What's new in QLM v10 Revamped QLM License Wizard Completely redesigned workflow. Includes Check for Updates to notify your customer of the latest eligible version based on the maintenance plan. [...]

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Quick License Manager integrates with e-commerce platform Magento

If you are using Magento as an ecommerce provider, QLM integrates seamlessly with Magento’s ordering system. When an order is placed via Magento, Magento communicates with the QLM License Server and sends the order information. The QLM License Server populates its database with the order information, creates the required license keys and sends them [...]

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QLM Document Protection Released

We're excited to announce the release of QLM Document Protection for protecting PDF documents and Windows Executables. QLM Document Protection protects your PDF document or Windows Executable with license protection giving you the full power of QLM's license management framework. QLM offers a complete license key life cycle management platform, e-commerce integration, computer bound license [...]

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