What’s new in QLM v12

QLM License Wizard

  • The QLM License Wizard can be localized into multiple languages.
  • Improved workflow when registering a floating license database
  • The Protect Your Application wizard now automatically picks up customizations made to previous versions of a product and applies them to newer versions.
  • The Try button can now be configured to trigger the generation of a trial key as specified by the QlmEmailTrialKeyAfterUserRegistration or QlmGenerateKeyAfterUserRegistration. To enable this feature, set the QlmUseTryButtonToCreateTrialKey to True.

QLM Portal Organizations

  • You can now manage organizations (create/edit/delete) from within the QLM Portal.
  • You can now save default values when creating activation keys in the Portal.
  • An Add customer button was added to the Create dialog in the Portal to allow creating a customer without having to switch to the Customers tab.

Salesforce integration

You can now configure Salesforce to automatically create license keys when a Salesforce order is activated.

Paymotion integration

QLM is now integrated with ecommerce provider Paymotion.

Shareit integration

Added support for subscription products.

Azure AppService intergration

QLM v12 can now be configured as an Azure App Service instead of a Classic Cloud Service. The integration process has been simplified and no longer requires the use of Visual Studio to build the Azure packages.

Miscellaneous updates

  • You can now set the logo of the QLM Portal and the QLM Customer site from server properties.
  • The LicenseValidator class automatically detecs server side changes (new features, new expiry date, new floatin seats) and reactivates the license to apply the changes to the client.
  • To secure offline deactivations, the customer is now required to produce a deactivation verification code in order to deactivate a license offline. The Deactivation Verification code is generated by the QLM License Wizard. The QLM Self Help page can be configured to require the user to enter the deactivation code. Similary, the QLM Management Console and the QLM Portal now allow you to validate a deactivation code.