Software protection and licensing service

Quick License Manager


Software License Protection
  • Protect your application with secure asymmetric license keys.

  • Bind a license key to a specific computer or mobile device.

  • Create time limited trial license keys.

  • Fully automated workflow for Subscription based products.

  • Online and Offline activation of licenses.

  • Automate your sales and license key distribution process with our eCommerce integration.

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Cross Platform Software Licensing

License Protection on multiple platforms: Windows, Android, OS X, Java
  • Protect applications developed in C#, VB.NET, VBA, C++, Java, Objective-C, Delphi, Fortran…

  • Protect desktop applications, web applications, Sharepoint, Office Add-ins, ASP.NET…

  • Protect applications developed for Windows, Mac or Android.

  • Protect PDF Documents.

  • Protect Windows executables without any code change.

  • Use our extensive API directly from your application or to integrate with 3rd party tools.

Certified for Windows 10

Quick License Manager Certified for Windows 10

User Friendly License Key Management

Software License Management with a state of the art GUI
  • Manage your license keys with a state-of-the-art graphical user interface.

  • Provide your affiliates with a web portal to create and manage license keys.

  • On the go? Use our Android application to manage license keys from anywhere.



Recent Posts


1011, 2016

QLM Document Protection Released

We’re excited to announce the release of QLM Document Protection for protecting PDF documents and Windows Executables.

QLM Document Protection protects your PDF document or Windows Executable with license protection giving you the full power of […]

2206, 2016

Quick License Manager v9 Released!

We're excited to announce the release of QLM v9. Based on your feedback, we spent a substantial effort enhancing the QLM Portal both for internal use as well as for your resellers. If you are not yet using the QLM Portal, give it a try here.

2310, 2015

Quick License Manager v8 Released!

We’ve released QLM v8 which includes new forms that you can embed on your web site to capture user information and generate trial keys, integration with MailChimp, a brand new WooCommerce Plugin, an improved QLM Portal, PDF […]






QLM is the most cost-effective licensing solution paying itself off in a very short time.
Joe Wintergerst,
We’ve had search every license managers in the market, and QLM is the best benefit-cost ratio we’ve found.
Michal, Centrum
We’ve had search every license managers in the market, and QLM is the best benefit-cost ratio we’ve found.
Rafael Batista Barbosa, Ziel Technologia
Support is amazingly reliable and fast. Within three minutes of a support request I was offered to have a full Webex session to look into my problem which at the end had to do with the e-commerce provider.
Joe Wintergerst,
The most responsive and dependable technical support I’ve ever come across.
David Klingler, Solanimus Inc.
I continue to be impressed with your responsiveness. You always answer quickly. That’s unusual!
Dave Larson, 50-50group LLC
I evaluated several products prior to purchasing yours. The customer service I’ve received since the purchase has been outstanding and, as such, has substantiated the decision to purchase your product over the others.
Jonathan, CodeLocker
QLM looks at all aspects of the software licensing process, it does not focus only on the generation and validation of codes, it is instrumental in product upgrades and especially in controlling the maintenance plan.
Joe Wintergerst,
Excellent support as always and quick to resolve my issues. One of the main reasons why we use Soraco. Many thanks.
Lindsay Adam, Speech Application Development