QLM License Wizard

  • The wizard can now allow the end-user to select whether to activate a node locked license or a floating license. For more details, review the new sample application.
  • The wizard can now automatically download a digitally signed license file when a license is activated online.
  • The wizard can now automatically download a digitally signed product properties file when a license is activated online.

QLM Portal

  • Analytics charts are now displayed in the Portal.

QLM Customer Portal (post-release June 2020)

  • Brand new Customer Portal allows your customers to manage their licenses from your web site.

 Cross Platform

  •  Added support for Swift apps on OS X

Email Notifications

Floating Licenses

  • Improved floating license process. New sample that shows how to support node locked and floating licenses in the same application.

QLM Management Console

  • Added an option to exclude revoked licenses and trials when performing searches.
  • Added date range filter to Illegal Computers.
  • Added date range filter to Activation Attempts.

Miscellaneous updates

  • MaxReleaseCount and MaxReleasePeriodInDays can now be configured per license.
  • Http method ReleaseLicenseHttp can now require a verification code (is_deactivation_code).
  • Http method GetActivationKey now accept a legacy key argument (is_legacykey).
  • All HTTP methods now support the is_locale argument that can set the language of the messages returned by the server. Example: &is_locale=fr
  • New Server Properties:
    • releaseLicenseRequiresVerificationCode
    • showProductVersion
    • forceLicenseModelToTrial
  • Bug fixes.

As of QLM v14, we will no longer support new installations with MS-Access as a database engine. If you are currently using MS-Access, you can continue using it and can safely upgrade to QLM v14. You should however consider migrating to SQL Server. You can use the QLM Backup/Restore functionality to migrate your data from MS-Access to SQL Server as described in this article.