Compare Editions of QLM’s Licensing Service

Permanent and Trial license keys
Subscription license keys 
Protect .NET, ASP.NET, C++, COM, VB6, VBA, Delphi, Java, Excel, MS-Access, Word, Outlook Add-ins and more. 
Protect PDF documents  
Protect Windows Executables without code changes  
Protect Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 apps  
Protect Android, OSX, Java apps  
 Unlock up to 32 features associated with your application √ √ √
Computer bound license keys √ √ √
.NET user control for easy integration with your application √  √
Create bulk keys and paste them in your eCommerce provider’s website. √ √ √
Issue activation keys directly from your eCommerce provider  √ √
Integrate with BlueSnap, FastSpring, ShareIt, Regnow, SWREG, Paypal, X-cart, Cleverbridge and UltraCart.  √ √
Software subscriptions that expire at a given date and are renewable  √ √
Create, activate, release, and delete license keys over the web.  √ √
Associate any data with a license key and retrieve it over the web.   √ √
Store, manage, and track the history of your license keys and orders.  √ √
Perform simple and complex queries on the license keys database.  √ √
Mass Email your customers license keys or release announcements.  √ √
API to validate license keys in your application. √  √ √
Extensive API that enables you to query the QLM database from your app.   √ √
Host the QLM web service on your site , your ISP’s site or use our hosting  √ √
Store your data in any SQL server edition or MS-Access database.  √ √
Activate keys with or without an internet connection  √
Add a Check for Updates feature in your application   √ √
Floating or concurrent licensing scheme    √
Analytics – track installs and uninstalls of your software    √
.NET Code Obfuscation    
Samples are provided in several programming languages √  √ √
Modern, user friendly graphical user interface √ √ √
Supports Windows Vista / 7/ 8/10, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 √ √ √
Supports Windows Phone 7/8, Windows 8/10 Store, Android, iOS, Mac OS X   √ √
Royalty free – Protect any number of applications or documents √ √ √