Compare Editions of QLM’s Licensing Service

Feature Express Pro Enterprise
Permanent and Trial license keys
Subscription license keys
Protect Windows Apps:

Protect PDF documents
Protect Cross-Platform Apps:

Protect Windows Executables (important warning)
Analytics – track installs, uninstalls and usage of your app. Monitor trial conversion rates and many more analytics charts.
Cloud-based Floating or Concurrent Licensing scheme
On-Premise Floating or Concurrent Licensing scheme
Unlock up to 32 features associated with your application
Define your own custom properties and associate them with a license
Associate an expiry date to each custom property
Computer-bound license keys
.NET user control for easy integration with your application
Create bulk keys and paste them into your eCommerce provider’s website.
Issue activation keys directly from your eCommerce provider
Integrate with FastSpring, WooCommerce, BlueSnap, ShareIt, Regnow, SWREG, Shopify, Paypal, X-cart, Cleverbridge, Chargify, and UltraCart.
Software subscriptions that expire at a given date and are renewable
Create, activate, release, and delete license keys over the web.
Associate any data with a license key and retrieve it over the web.
Store, manage and track the history of your license keys and orders.
Perform simple and complex queries on the license keys database.
Mass Email your customers’ license keys or release announcements.
API to validate license keys in your application.
Extensive API that enables you to query the QLM database from your app.
Host the QLM License Server on your site, your ISP’s site or use our hosting
Store your data in any SQL server edition or MS Access database.
Online and offline license activation
Online activation with an email address (no license key required)
Offline activation by using a QR code
Add a Check for Updates feature in your application
Manage License Keys from a browser (requires purchase of the QLM Portal add-on)
Record an audit trail of most operations performed in the QLM Portal
.NET Code Obfuscation
Samples are provided in several programming languages
Modern, user-friendly graphical user interface
Supports Windows Vista / 7/ 8/10/11, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2019, Windows Phone 7/8, Windows 8/10 Store
Supports Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Java Desktop
Royalty-free – Protect any number of applications or documents