QLM Software License Protection

QLM License Protection Features

Trial, Subscription or Permanent keys

  • Protect your application with secure asymmetric license keys.

  • Bind a license key to a specific computer or mobile device.

  • Create time limited trial license keys.

  • Fully automated workflow for Subscription based products.

  • Online and Offline activation of licenses.

Online activation and license tracking

  • Desktop based Management Console to administer license keys and customers

  • Online and Offline Activation.

  • Fraud Detection reports illegal activities.

  • Scheduled Tasks to automate common actions.

Programming languages and devices

eCommerce Integration

QLM integrates seamlessly with the ordering process of leading eCommerce providers and can automatically issue license keys when a purchase is made online. QLM is currently integrated with the following eCommerce providers.


To see a complete workflow of our eCommerce integration, click here.


Subscription Licensing

  • Subscription licence keys expire at the subscription anniversary
  • Fully automated subscription renewal via eCommerce integration
  • Seamless license period extension once payment is processed
  • Hands-off process that requires no action from the vendor or the consumer

Check for Updates

  • Notify your customers when a new version of your application  is available

  • Display Release Notes for each update

  • Each customer sees the version that they are entitled to based on their Maintenance Plan

Email Notifications

  • Interactively send emails to customers based on specific criteria
  • Schedule and send customized emails to remind your customers of an upcoming renewal
  • Automatically email trial users that have gone idle.
  • Send mass emails to your customers to inform them of a new release or update.



  • Track installs and uninstalls of your app

  • Understand customer behavior and improve download trends

  • Track when a potential customer uses your app

  • Track when a potential customer stops using your app

QLM Portal for Resellers

  • Web based management portal to administer license keys and customers
  • Manage your license keys from a browser running on your desktop, laptop, or any mobile device without the need to install a client application.
  • Designed for resellers, affiliates and administrators on the move
  • Uses Role Based Access Control to give you full control over what operations a reseller can perform
  • Resellers have only access to the keys and customers they created while you have access to data from all your resellers.

QLM Self Help

The QLM Self Help page is a web form that you can include on your web site to provide your customers with self help for managing their license keys.

  • Activate a license on behalf of a system with no internet (Offline Activation)

  • Deactivate a license

  • Get information about which computers have activated a license

  • Request an email with a list of their license keys

QLM Trial Registration Web Form

Integrate our Trial Registration web page to your web site:

  • Capture trial users contact information
  • Automatically create a trial license key
  • Automatically email the trial key to your customer

Import your data

 If you are migrating your license management from an in-house licensing system or a competitor system to QLM, you can readily import your existing data into QLM’s database using the QlmImport tool.
  • Import contact information
  • Import order information and license keys

QLM Editions

  • QLM Express, our entry level solution, is targeted at companies that want to secure their software using license keys without software activation.
  • QLM Professional fully automates the license management process with online software activation.
  • QLM Document Protection adds license protection to PDF documents and Windows Executables.
  • QLM Enterprise provides floating or concurrent licensing as well as Analytics.
  • QLM SDK Protection adds license protection to your own SDK.

Quick License Manager Certification with Windows 7

Certified for Win 7

Quick License Manager Certification with Windows 8

Certified for Win 8 

Quick License Manager Certification with Windows 7

Certified for Win 10

Compare Editions of QLM’s Licensing Service

Feature Express Document Pro Enterprise
Permanent and Trial license keys
Subscription license keys  
Protect .NET, ASP.NET, C++, COM, VB6, VBA, Delphi, Java, Excel, MS-Access, Word, Outlook Add-ins and more.  
Protect PDF documents    
Protect Windows Executables without code changes    
Protect Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 apps    
Protect Android, iOS, OSX, Java, Javascript / Electron      
Analytics – track installs, uninstalls and usage of your app. Monitor trial conversion rates and many more analytics  charts.      
Floating or concurrent licensing scheme      
Unlock up to 32 features associated with your application  √  √  √
Define your own custom properties and associate them to a license      √  √
Computer bound license keys  √  √  √
.NET user control for easy integration with your application  √    √
Create bulk keys and paste them in your eCommerce provider’s website.  √  √  √
Issue activation keys directly from your eCommerce provider    √  √
Integrate with BlueSnap, FastSpring, ShareIt, Regnow, SWREG, Paypal, X-cart, Cleverbridge and UltraCart.    √  √
Software subscriptions that expire at a given date and are renewable    √  √
Create, activate, release, and delete license keys over the web.    √  √
Associate any data with a license key and retrieve it over the web.      √  √
Store, manage, and track the history of your license keys and orders.    √  √
Perform simple and complex queries on the license keys database.    √  √
Mass Email your customers license keys or release announcements.    √  √
API to validate license keys in your application.  √    √  √
Extensive API that enables you to query the QLM database from your app.      √  √
Host the QLM web service on your site , your ISP’s site or use our hosting    √  √
Store your data in any SQL server edition or MS-Access database.    √  √
Activate keys with or without an internet connection    √
Add a Check for Updates feature in your application      √  √
.NET Code Obfuscation        
Samples are provided in several programming languages  √    √  √
Modern, user friendly graphical user interface  √  √  √
Supports Windows Vista / 7/ 8/10, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012, Windows Phone 7/8, Windows 8/10 Store  √  √  √
Supports Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Java Desktop        √
Royalty free – Protect any number of applications or documents  √  √  √



QLM License Protection Portal

License Management Portal

The QLM Portal is an add-on to QLM. It provides a web based interface for managing license keys.

The QLM Portal is a perfect tool for your resellers or affiliates to manage their own customers while keeping you, the vendor, in total control. You can specify how many license keys a reseller can generate, which products they have access to and what operations they can perform.

The QLM Portal exposes the most common operations an administrator or a reseller requires to manage their customers’ license keys.

It requires user authentication and uses role based access control.

The QLM Portal requires QLM Pro or Enterprise v7 or above and a SQL Server Database.

Portal License Keys Limits

Through a role based access model, you control the privileges of user or group of users. The license key limits that can be set are:

  • Maximum number of trial keys per system
  • Maximum number of permanent keys per system

  • Maximum total keys

  • Maximum activations per keys

Portal Access Control

Through a Role Based Access Model, you can assign to each user a set of privileges and control what operations they can perform in the portal.

The operations that can be enabled or disabled are listed below.


  • Creating new keys

  • Activating keys

  • Releasing keys

  • Deleting keys

  • Revoking keys

  • Renewing a subscription

  • Exporting keys

  • Select which products are visible to a user

  • Select which email templates are visible to a user

  • Set Expiry Duration

  • Set Expiry Date

  • Set Floating Seats

  • Set Generic License

  • Set Maintenance Plan

  • Create/Edit Customers

  • Delete Customers

  • Select which queries are visible to a user

QLM License Server Hosting

Each license of QLM Professional or QLM Enterprise entitles you to install the QLM License Server and database) on one server. You can host the QLM License Server on your own web server and direct your customers to your own server.

Alternatively, we offer a service to host the QLM License Server and database on our own server.

The benefits of using our hosted QLM License Server are:

  • Initial setup by us in less than 24 hours
  • Daily backup to a remote site
  • Daily replication to a live Disaster Recovery Site
  • Maintenance and upgrades performed by us
  • Data recovery in case of data loss
  • SSL encryption


Facts and Limits

  • The cost of the QLM License Server Hosting does not include your QLM Professional or Enterprise licenses.

  • The QLM License Server Hosting service supports up to 100 new keys per day on a regular basis. If you expect to create more than 100 keys per day on a regular basis, please contact us.

  • Data is backed up once per day.

  • Data is replicated once per day to a live Disaster Recovery site.

  • In case of a disaster at the primary site, you can automatically configure your application to connect to the DR site but activity on the DR site is not automatically re-synchronized with the primary site.