Quick License Manager and Avangate Integration


Quick License Manager (QLM) adds software license protection to your application in a snap! With QLM, you can protect your application with secure asymmetric licensing, provide your customers with trial license keys to evaluate your software, bind the license key to a specific computer to prevent software piracy.

But most importantly, you can fully automate your sale and license key distribution process with our built-in eCommerce Integration.

If you are using Avangate as an ecommerce provider, QLM integrates seamlessly with Avangate’s ordering system.

After completing the steps below, when a customer purchases your product from Avangate, Avangate will automatically get a license key from the QLM web service and then update the QLM database with the license and customer information.

To integrate Avangate with QLM, peform the following in the Avangate Control Panel:


Note that for security reasons, you can also specify a user name / password in the URL above. For example:


The same user/password combination must be specified in the QLM Console under Manage Keys / Commerce Providers for the Avangate entry.