QLM License Protection Features

Trial, Subscription or Permanent keys

  • Protect your application with secure asymmetric license keys.

  • Bind a license key to a specific computer or mobile device.

  • Create time limited trial license keys.

  • Fully automated workflow for Subscription based products.

  • Online and Offline activation of licenses.

Online activation and license tracking

  • Desktop based Management Console to administer license keys and customers

  • Online and Offline Activation.

  • Fraud Detection reports illegal activities.

  • Scheduled Tasks to automate common actions.

Programming languages and devices

eCommerce Integration

QLM integrates seamlessly with the ordering process of leading eCommerce providers and can automatically issue license keys when a purchase is made online. QLM is currently integrated with the following eCommerce providers.


To see a complete workflow of our eCommerce integration, click here.


Subscription Licensing

  • Subscription licence keys expire at the subscription anniversary
  • Fully automated subscription renewal via eCommerce integration
  • Seamless license period extension once payment is processed
  • Hands-off process that requires no action from the vendor or the consumer

Check for Updates

  • Notify your customers when a new version of your application  is available

  • Display Release Notes for each update

  • Each customer sees the version that they are entitled to based on their Maintenance Plan

Email Notifications

  • Interactively send emails to customers based on specific criteria
  • Schedule and send customized emails to remind your customers of an upcoming renewal
  • Automatically email trial users that have gone idle.
  • Send mass emails to your customers to inform them of a new release or update.



  • Track installs and uninstalls of your app

  • Understand customer behavior and improve download trends

  • Track when a potential customer uses your app

  • Track when a potential customer stops using your app

QLM Portal for Resellers

  • Web based management portal to administer license keys and customers
  • Manage your license keys from a browser running on your desktop, laptop, or any mobile device without the need to install a client application.
  • Designed for resellers, affiliates and administrators on the move
  • Uses Role Based Access Control to give you full control over what operations a reseller can perform
  • Resellers have only access to the keys and customers they created while you have access to data from all your resellers.

QLM Self Help

The QLM Self Help page is a web form that you can include on your web site to provide your customers with self help for managing their license keys.

  • Activate a license on behalf of a system with no internet (Offline Activation)

  • Deactivate a license

  • Get information about which computers have activated a license

  • Request an email with a list of their license keys

QLM Trial Registration Web Form

Integrate our Trial Registration web page to your web site:

  • Capture trial users contact information
  • Automatically create a trial license key
  • Automatically email the trial key to your customer

Import your data

 If you are migrating your license management from an in-house licensing system or a competitor system to QLM, you can readily import your existing data into QLM’s database using the QlmImport tool.
  • Import contact information
  • Import order information and license keys

QLM Editions

  • QLM Express, our entry level solution, is targeted at companies that want to secure their software using license keys without software activation.
  • QLM Professional fully automates the license management process with online software activation.
  • QLM Document Protection adds license protection to PDF documents and Windows Executables.
  • QLM Enterprise provides floating or concurrent licensing as well as Analytics.
  • QLM SDK Protection adds license protection to your own SDK.

Quick License Manager Certification with Windows 7

Certified for Win 7

Quick License Manager Certification with Windows 8

Certified for Win 8 

Quick License Manager Certification with Windows 7

Certified for Win 10